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peopleReal Estate Australia.com is the only comprehensive archive of Australian real estate news articles and opinion pieces on the Internet. The site was established in 2001 as an information portal for Australian real estate and has grown to become one of the most popular reference points for property news on the web. Our research team monitors national, local and suburban newspapers and websites across the country on a weekly basis and summarises all property-related stories for inclusion in our digest.

We endeavour to archive a summary of every major real estate-related news article or opinion piece published in each of the main property markets in Australia making our archive an important snapshot of sentiment within the Australian real estate industry at any given time. Our monthly newsletters allow thousands of investors and home owners to stay in touch with the market's movements without having to delve too deep into complex analysis.

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The site is published by e-CBD Pty Ltd, a web development company based on the Australian Gold Coast. For more information please contact us, or visit our corporate site at http://www.e-cbd.com